I'm Veronica & like many others art brings insurmountable purpose & joy to my life!

All work listed here is uniquely created by yours truly!


I received my Visual Fine Arts degree in 2016, & although it took almost a year to find myself artistically I made the journey & continue to grow. I've found passion in many mediums; painting, photography, ceramics, collage & sculpture. Currently my greatest love is in acrylic, fabric & glow paints.


I love bringing trippy, colorful & imaginative pieces to life! Travel, music (festivals), history, mythology & nature have been a huge influence to my personality & passion. I am also very open to commission based work!!


Each of us aim to be the best we can, fulfilling our greatest potential. Art has taught me to be patient & positive. Enjoy the journey, LIVE life, make the best out of each experience. Some great things take time, just like each work of art. Thank you for checking out my artwork & visiting my website!! I hope you continue to be inspired & find joy.





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